Author ILuta Sutra

With a European background throughout my life experiences, I am grateful to be able to discover my passion and calling for writing.

I want to inspire people that they can move forward into their life’s journey with a better and deeper understanding of the true meaning of life. I speak and write in three languages.

I always knew there is something I need to do in my life. That “something” was not clear to me.

I knew it was something more, something greater about life. That something was discovering healing, forgiving, rejuvenating, inspiring power of love! More so clarity came when I realized I have to write Saving Gigy, and share it with the world, hoping it will help someone to open their heart to the power of love and be more compassionate toward people and animals in the day by day life.

Saving Gigy is an emotional, inspiring true story about how profound love for a dog can move us into unexpected events and leads us to perform an act of kindness. How an act of kindness can end up with heartbreak based on the action of humankind. How forgiveness can unleash the power of love and embrace a true meaning of life.