Saving Gigy Book Reviews

I hope you as a reader will be able to receive it with a heart and soul and will be inspired to move forward in your own life’s journey with a better and deeper understanding of the true meaning of Life. 

"ILuta Sutra’s Saving Gigy is an inspiring, emotional story about the deep connection we have with our dogs. It’s a must-read for anyone who has ever loved a pet or longed for a kinder, more compassionate world."
#1 Bestselling Author J.J. Hebert
This was a wonderful story that I’ll never forget! I am very pleased that I chose it. It's a delightful piece that almost had me reaching for the tissues. It was just so lovely that I couldn’t put it down even for an hour. And a complete contrast to some of the books I have read recently. From the very beginning ,the title and the cover caught my attention and once I started reading, it didn’t disappoint me at all. Anyone who has ever had a dog or who love animals will empathize with Gigy. She is unique and sweet! And what can I say about the plot in general? I have to admit, I've had dogs pretty much my whole life, and I've run an animal rescue group for several years. Even with that background, I learned something new in every single page and I felt love and anguish like never before. It's interesting, engaging and fascinating. I highly recommend this masterpiece since it is a great reading to kill time.
Evelyn - Unique story!
I like this book, easy to read and highly recommended. Congratulations to Iluta Sutra for writing this book of love, joy, healing and forgiveness. The Power of Love and Love of God above all things.
Flor San Juan - I love this book excellent inspirational
I'm touched by the story of this book. I can relate. You can too if you own a dog or any pet. Must read.
CLeibo - Comes from the heart....
The story is very well written and very heartwarming. Would love to read more from Ms. Sutra! Definitely worth reading!!
Jacqueline Berman - Heartwarming story!
Saving Gigy was a nice easy read. The story was inspirational and heartwarming. A+++
Torres - The Power of Love
I truly loved books that are about animals, especially dogs. “Saving Gigy” is a thought provoking but a bit heart breaking story written by ILuta Sutra. When I started reading it, I was hooked by the plot. It revolves around Gigy, an English cocker spaniel puppy that is comfortable with its family but all of the sudden, circumstances change her life. Everything has a purpose in life and with this reading I can assure that. Good things happen if you're with your pet. I really loved the author's writing style; it is simple and let me experience the way Gigy felt throughout her life. Another thing that I loved is the eye-catching cover, which in this case was designed by Mariel Hemingway, Ernest’s granddaughter. What a drawing! I highly recommend this tender story to animal lovers.
Carlitas - A lovely, tender story